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Dreaming of Kin is an exhibition on view from Feb 6 - Apr 10 at MoCADA! 

DREAMING OF KIN | February 6 - April 10, 2016

Black survival embodies a spiritual politic of resistance that radicalizes Black futures. Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic by Tiona McClodden, interprets systems of survival through a conceptual film of McClodden’s personal, familial and spiritual biographies. The project is a grand body of work which deconstructs the epic film genre through a series of nonlinear trailers, scenes, photographic ephemera, and sculptural objects. Offering a new treatment of memory and cultural interiors across time, form, and narrative construction.

Developed in four parts, this exhibition features Movement I, The Visions, set in present-day North Philadelphia. The Visions introduces the film’s lead protagonist, The Haint, a spirit who embodies elements of McClodden’s maternal and paternal ancestors, as well as Black american historical figures.

Although minimal in construction, and seemingly abstract, the objects and visual aids are strikingly familiar and therefore accessible to the viewer. From the use of fireworks and certain light patterns, to the family portraiture and song lyrics, McClodden has set forth a narrative of memory and remembering that is very Black, very american and very powerful.

Familial folklore, spiritual traditions, and Black labor histories are illustrated throughout the film, activating an archive of heritage and ledgers of Black americana. Dreaming of Kin envelops the viewer in a constellation of coded heirlooms that re-imagines the Black american family tale and culture.

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